ELIZABETH MCNAUGHTON is experienced in emergency management, risk reduction and recovery and is the former National Recovery Manager at New Zealand Red Cross. She is currently the General Manager of Strategy and Government Relations at New Zealand Red Cross

She has completed a six-week Winston Churchill Fellowship  to study the leadership challenges faced by those in recovery decision-making roles. Elizabeth visited recovery experts in New Orleans, San Francisco, New York, Australia and Italy, to talk about lessons learned after the earthquakes, Hurricane Katrina and the Black Saturday Bush Fires. She hopes the best of them can be applied in Canterbury.

She has worked with the New Zealand Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management, where she was seconded for six month to the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet’s Recovery Policy Team in the wake of the Canterbury earthquakes. She has also worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade on the Pacific regional programme.

Her international experience includes working for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in South Asia. Her role was to improve the quality and accountability of recovery operations and to build resilience in the region.

Elizabeth enjoys writing and recently co-authored a publication Leading in Disaster Recovery a Companion through the Chaos. Elizabeth is married to Jim and they have a son, Gene.

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  1. Elizabeth – it was a great pleasure meeting you. I am so fond of reading your blog. It buoys me up on days where I forget all I have learned (sometimes recovery takes you back to the drawing board) and it is a lovely thing to learn from your interviews, meetings, and experience.

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